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The beginning of Bygone decals goes back just over a decade. Our original interests were in Historic Rallying and wanting our cars to appear with the correct style of various logos for the era. Many searches and attempts to locate or source these decals or striping for the cars proved to be impossible, so the idea of remanufacturing decals was born.

Requests for similar decals from fellow Car Enthusiasts indicated there was niche market wanting to be supplied with good quality products. 

From these small beginnings and listening to Customer requests, over the years we have developed Stripe kits ranging from the 1980's through to the the present day.

We now supply decals kits worldwide and have a steady core of car clubs including the  BMW, Porsche,  Ford Capri & Alpina marques. These clubs are located in North America, Switzerland, England, France & Japan and recommend our kits to club members carrying out restorations.